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Website Design for lawyerssolicitors and barristers in Perth that get found in Google, load fast and look stunning on a Desktop computer and a mobile phone

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Websites for barristers in Perth

Experience Counts

  • Experienced Website Designer
  • I have been designing and marketing websites since 1996.
  • Google was founded in 1998
  • Enough said!
Website Design Features

Websites for solicitors in Perth

Beauty and Function

  • Beautiful modern design
  • Mobile friendly
  • Google friendly, using SEO
  • Fast loading
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to maintain & update
  • Integrate with social media
Whatever your law speciality, we can help redesign and promote your website

Websites for Lawyers in Perth

All Legal Specialities

  • Whatever your law speciality, I can help redesign and promote your website
  • Criminal Lawyer
  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Workers Compensation
  • Immigration Law
  • Intellectual Property Law


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How do you know that I am as good as I claim?

As the old saying goes ‘the proof is in the pudding’

I am an SEO expert (Search Engine Optimisation) with over 22-years’ experience. Just about every web designer I have ever met claims to be a Search Engine Optimization expert. Why is SEO important? Well without good SEO your web site will be hard to find in Google, and instead of your site, your potential customers will see details of your competitors rather that you.

It does not matter how pretty your website is if nobody can find it.

There is an old joke in the SEO business that goes.

QUESTION: Where is the best place to hide a dead body?
ANSWER: Page two of Google, because nobody looks there!

You really need to try and get your website on page one of the search engine results. The trouble is everyone else is trying to do the same thing time, so it is not easy.

There are plenty of disreputable digital marking companies that will be happy to take your money in exchange for a guaranteed page one position, with lots of ‘terms and conditions apply’ hidden in the small print. If you think about for a second you will realise that this sort of guarantee is worthless, and Google will tell you the same things.

All I can do is promise that I will do my best and if you check out some of my websites detailed below, you will see that I get spectacular results.


  • Websites for lawyers
  • Websites for solicitors 
  • Websites for barristers

SEO Case Study One

SEO for solicitors

MY SEO Training Company

Try searching Google using the search  phrase SEO TRAINING.

‘Paid for’ ads may be displayed at the top of the results, which can cost a fortune.

At the top of the ‘organic results’ is my website

I am normally found at the top of page one in the search results and this does not cost me anything!

SEO Case Study Two

SEO for Barristers in Perth

MY Computer Training Materials Company

Try searching Google using the phrase COMPUTER TRAINING MATERIALS.

‘Paid for’ ads may be displayed at the top of the results, which can cost you a fortune.

At the top of the ‘organic results’ is my website

I am normally found at the top of page one in the search results and this does not cost me anything!

SEO Case Study Three

SEO for legal websites

MY Video Tape Conversion Company

Try searching Google using the phrase VIDEO TAPE CONVERSION PERTH.

‘Paid for’ ads may be displayed at the top of the results, which can cost you a fortune.

At the top of the ‘organic results’ is my website

I am normally found at the top of page one in the search results and this does not cost me anything!


SEO & Website Training in Joondalup

Once your site has be designed (or redesigned) and optimised for the Search Engines, I can train you and your staff so that you will be able to maintain your website yourself. You will be able to add new content, edit existing content and create new web pages or blog pages. This way you can make instant changes whenever you want, and without any additional costs associated with a website developer.
I can also provide training in SEO techniques to allow you to continue to improve your websites visibility within the Google Search Engine.


Resent Website Designs

SEO example

Holiday Home

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SEO Expert in Perth

Pest Control

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Search Engine Optimization Guru

Video Tape Conversion

Click to view in a new window

Search Engine Optimization for legal website

Marriage Celebrant

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Somethings your current website may not have, and why you need them

200+ Factors affect your SEO

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Competitor Research
We will check out your major internet competitors and see that they do well and try to ensure that you have a better web present than your competitors.

Keyword Research
We will investigate the best keywords and phrases that you should use to promote your business with the search engines.

Customised Menus
We will implement a customised drop-down menu across the top of your website so that your visitors can easily access your pages such as the ‘homepage’, ‘about us’ page, ‘contact u’s page as well is your pages describing your products or services.

Home Page Image Slider
If you want, we can implement a slider at the top of your home page. The slider will display several images in succession describing what your company does as well as other relevant details.

Mobile Responsive
These days over 50% of Internet users use a mobile device such as a phone or tablet rather than the traditional laptop or desktop computer. It is vital that your website is what is called Mobile responsive. This means that the content will display correctly on a mobile phone as well is on the desktop or laptop. This is also an important Google SEO factor. All our websites are Mobile responsive.

Google Interactive Map
We can embed a Google map directly into your contacts page. This is an interactive map and allows visitors to zoom in or zoom out to see exactly where your premises are located.

Contact Form
A contact form on your website allows your visitors to quickly enter their details and when they click on the submit button these details will automatically be emailed to you. This is a great way of interacting with your potential customers and allows customers to contact you even when you are not available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Weekly Hosting Backup
It is vital that your website is regularly backed up. All our websites are set up to automatically make a backup once a week. In addition, for different versions of the backup are stored. This means that the first time the backup runs you have one backup copy. The second week the backup runs and you have two backup copies. The third week when the backup runs you will have three backup copies. Then on the fourth week once the backup is completed you will have four copies of your website safely backed up. When the backup automatically runs in the thrift week the first copy of the backup will be overwritten. This means that you are protected by having four generations of backups for your entire website.

Content rewriting
Where necessary I can help rewrite your content so that it is more friendly to the search engines, such as Google. Copywriting is an important element when it comes to promoting your website within the search engines.

CMS – Self Edit
CMS is short for contact management system. This sounds complicated but all it means is that once I have created the website for you and you are happy with the design I can hand over the maintenance and updating of the website to you. This means that you can make any changes you want such as adding or editing text and uploading pictures. If you wish you can create new pages or delete existing pages. This puts you in control. It also means that every time you want to make a change to your website you do not have to pay me to do it, you can do it yourself for free. Our pricing structure includes free access to my acclaimed online training resources so you can easily learn how to do this for yourself.

Comments disabled
All our websites are based on a platform called WordPress. By default, WordPress allows visitors to leave comments on your website which sounds like a great idea. However in reality there are lots of automated software that will look for places on the Internet where they can leave comments which usually invite you to buy a product you don’t really want and Google are on record as saying that if your website contains a lot of spam comments then your position within the search engine results may be penalised. For this reason, we disable the posting of comments on all our websites.

WordPress & SEO training
WordPress training can be included. I have been delivering website and SEO training for over 20 years.

Perth time zone coded
I will code your website for your local city. So, if you live in Perth the website will be coded to tell Google that you are in or near Perth. This means that Google knows where you are, and this will help with your local search engine optimisation.

Australia language coded
I will code your website for your local language. So, if you are within Australia, I will code the language for English Australian which will help with your SEO within Australia.

Permalink customisation
This sounds complicated but it basically means that the filenames of your webpages will be optimised to reflect the content of those pages. Again, this is an important SEO factor and is included within the price.

Multiple email addresses
If I create a website for you using a domain name such as then I will also create matching email addresses for you so you can use email addresses such as

Automatic website updates
Your website will be customised so that all the necessary elements such as WordPress, themes and plug-ins will be automatically updated for you.

Premium WordPress Theme
WordPress is supplied with several free themes. A premium theme is an advanced theme that you must pay for. If you choose one of our plans that includes a premium WordPress theme, then this will be installed and customised for you within the price.

Multiple web pages
Within a website you normally have a homepage as well as several other pages. Other pages will include things like and about us page, a contact page as well as other pages relating specifically to your products or services.

Stock Images
I can supply stock images for use within your website. These images are from a professional photo library and are not simply images stolen using Google. Each image can be resized as required for your website.

Website Search Option
A search box may be displayed at the bottom of your website pages, will allow your visitors to type in a word or phrase and search all the pages within your website. This is especially useful for larger websites.

Cache setup
All buy websites include the installation of what is called a cache. You do not need to know exactly how this works, but the point is this will speed up the loading of your webpages when viewers look at your website. The loading speed of your website is an increasingly important SEO factor.

Blog Integration
I will create a blog within your website. You might think this sounds very old-fashioned, but the trick is you do not call it a blog you call it something like news. Blogs work in different ways from websites. Your website should contain normal pages for things like your homepage and contact page where is your blog or contain pages that are more spontaneous, more of the moment, such as maybe special offers or tips and tricks or maybe deal of the month. I will of course give you advice on how to use this and the blog will be accessed via the customised drop-down menus that I will set up for you.

Blog Category Customization
I will set up customise categories for your blog posts which will help optimise your blog in terms of search engine optimisation. For instance, let us say you have two areas within your company one for rentals and one for sales, then I can set up to categories one for sales and one for rentals. Once this is done all your blog posts relating to sales will go within the sales category and all blog posts relating to rentals will go within the rentals category. Again, this can help with promoting your website.

Includes blog posts
I will create SEO optimized blog posts, which will help with your search engine optimization.

Social Media Integration
If you already have social media such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook then we can include buttons within your website that will link directly to your social media. If you select a plan where we create social media sites for you then of course we will link to the social media sites from within your website.

Photo Gallery
A photo Gallery is a nice way of displaying information to your customers. I will set up the gallery, if required, so that when people click on a picture it opens with a larger display and allows you to easily few other pictures.

Call Now button
A call now button is a button that is displayed at the bottom right hand corner when your website is viewed on a mobile phone. If visitors scroll up and down the page, then this call now button remains displayed at the bottom right hand corner so that it is always visible. This means that if people want to phone you are suddenly having to search for the website, they just simply click on the conveniently located call now button and this will ring your office number.

HTML site map
And HTML site map is important for your website SEO. The HTML site map is simply a page that displays links to all your other important webpages. This helps Google to index your website within its search engine and makes it easier for visitors to find a page within your website. I will set up this HTML site map so that it is dynamic. What this means is that if you add new pages or delete existing pages the site map page will automatically be updated, so that only valid pages are listed.

Social media share buttons
Social media share buttons allow your visitors to easily share information from your website to the various social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This is a great way of extending the reach of your website.

Image Alt Tags
If you upload an image to your website Google does not necessarily know what this image is about. For each image that is uploaded I will customise what is called an alt tag. This tag is not visible to humans normally but can be read by Google and can significantly help with your website SEO.

HTML Title optimisation
The HTML title of each web page will be optimised to help your site get found within the Google search engine results. This title is not normally seen by humans, it is not displayed on the web page, but rather it is encoded behind-the-scenes and is primarily for Google’s benefit. A good title can have an enormous effect on your website’s search engine optimisation.

HTML Description optimisation
This is like the HTML title but rather than a short title it allows a longer description to be displayed within the search engine results. Every time you do a search within Google, you will see normally 10 websites displayed and each website there is a title, web address and description. A good description can have an enormous effect on your click through rate.


File name Optimization
The file name of every web page, the name of every image and the name of any downloadable document will be optimised to reflect the contents of the page image or document. This is something that Google recommends and again will help with your search engine optimisation.

HTML Heading Optimization
The first paragraph on every page within your website needs to be coded as what is called a ‘heading 1’. In addition, the text within this heading should relate to the content contained within the page. You can also create additional headings such as a heading two and heading three. This is a basic SEO technique that most website designers either do not seem to know about or cannot be bothered to implement. It is however of fundamental importance when it comes to optimising your site for the results within the search engines.

Advanced SEO for keywords
If you supply me with a short list of important keyword phrases, I will do my best to incorporate these within the website, not just simply within the text but also within other SEO important areas of your website. This means that your website will have a much better chance of showing up within the search engine results in response for a Pacific search relating to your products or services. However, it is important to realise that neither I nor anybody else can guarantee that your search engine will be displayed within the first page of the Google results. Think about it, only 10 pages can be displayed on the first page of Google, so if 20 different SEO companies gave that guarantee that at least 10 of them are lying. In fact, Google tells you that if a search engine marketing company guarantees a first page listing within Google then you should think very carefully about using them.

Google Analytics
Google offer a free service called Google analytics which once installed will monitor your website and you can access the information to see who is using your website and how interact with your website. For instance, you can see the geographical locations of your website visitors and other relevant information such as the phrase they use to find your website within the search engine results.

Google Search Console
this is another free service offered by Google and is aimed to be of use to people who have their own websites and wish to optimise the website’s so that they show up as well as possible within the Google search engine results.

XML Sitemap
An XML site map is different from an HTML site map. The XML site map is not visible to humans it is simply a file, satiated with your website that Google can read and gain information about your website. Google strongly recommends that your website should have an XML site map and if you have one it can help with your search engine optimisation.

Animated buttons
An animated button is purely a button that when clicked will link to another part of your website, but is animated to the extent that when you move the mouse over it, it will change colour making the buttons appearance more interesting.

Testimonials widget
If you can supply the name, testimonial and photograph of up to half a dozen satisfy customers we will format these into an attractive testimonial section within your website.

Customised footer
A customised footer which is displayed on every page within your website can contain additional features such as your phone number or other contact details, your logo or indeed anything that you want.

Downloadable documents
You can have downloadable documents embedded within your webpages. This means that visitors can download important information via a document such as a word document or PDF document, and this can include brochures, features summary, order forms or any other relevant documentation.

Privacy Policy
A privacy policy is simply a page that can be viewed within your website and displays details of your privacy policies. Having a privacy policy makes your website look more professional.

Image file name optimization
The file name for each image that we uploaded to your website will be customised to reflect your important keywords. This is an important factor relating to how well your website shows up within the search engine results.

Image pixel size optimization
Each image that is uploaded to your website will be pre-sized, prior to uploading so that the image displays with the correct height and width within your website pages. This can influence the loading speed of your website

Doctype specified
This is something that Google recommends and is coded in the background of your website. It is for Google’s benefit your website visitors will not be aware of it.

Canonical tag definition
This is something that Google recommends and is coded in the background for you. You do not need to really understand what it is to do with nearly that Google recommends it therefore it is a good idea to implement it.

Google Analytics plugin
This plug-in will allow you to access your Google analytics from within your website rather than having to visit the Google analytics website. It makes accessing your Google analytics statistics much easier for you.

Image meta data
This relates to additional information embedded within your pictures that humans will not see but is information that can be read and used by Google to help you understand what your pictures are about, and may help with your optimisation within the search engines.

Document Optimization
Each document that is uploaded to your website can be optimised in the same way that each page on your website can be optimised with regards to search engine optimisation. This is something that many web designers are unaware of or ignore that can be of immense importance in helping to promote your company within the search engine results.

Document meta data
This allows hidden information to be embedded within your documents that will not necessarily be seen by humans but can be read by Google. Again, it helps to promote your website within the search engine results.

Outbound NOFOLLOW links
Many websites contain links which when clicked on will take the viewer to a different website. For optimisation reasons it is often important to put a hidden code behind these links that marks link as a nofollow link. This is covered in detail within my online Search Engine Optimization training course but the now all you need to know is that it has relevance to search engine optimisation and is included on all outgoing links from your website.

SEO Yoast plugin setup
This is extra software that will allow you to easily implement search engine optimisation within your website and is widely regarded as the best software available. This will be installed and customised to your particular website.

Google My business setup
If your company is particularly interested in local business, then having a ‘Google my business’ item created for you will help enormously in promoting your goods or services to your local market.

Google My Business Optimization
Once set up, I will optimise the ‘Google my business’ feature so that your business really stands out locally.

YouTube setup
If required I can setup a YouTube channel for you and this can be customised regarding your particular needs.

YouTube Optimization
Once set up I will optimise your YouTube channel using a range of techniques that will help promote both the channel and the videos within your YouTube channel. There is little point in having a YouTube channel if nobody can find your videos.

Embedding YouTube videos
If you have videos uploaded to YouTube channel, I can embed these within selected pages within your website. I will also customise the embedding for maximum effect.

404 redirects
As recommended by Google I can implement software that will recognise any broken links within your website and instead of displaying what is called a 404 error page, will automatically redirect your visitors to a page of your choice, such as your home page. Broken links, without automatic 404 redirects can adversely affect your positioning within the search engines.

GZIP setup
You do not need to understand exactly what this is but the effect of this will be to speed up the loading of your website pages. Google recommends that you use GZIP to increase website loading speeds.

Local website time display
This is a nice little feature where the current time locally can be displayed within your contact page. If for instance you are located within Western Australia, then this allows people on the other side of the country to see that even though it might be 9 o’clock their time it is actually only 7 o’clock within Western Australia.

Anchor Text optimizations
The phrase anchor text simply relates to the text within a text link. What this means is that so you have a paragraph on your website that says something like ‘click here for more information’ then we will optimise the text within the link, using standards recommended by Google. Again, this can have a large positive effect on your website search engine optimisation.

Inter-page linking
Google recommends that you have links between your important website pages and that these links are what are called text-based links. We will implement inter-page linking using Google recommended best practices.

SEO training
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) training is available.

Image file size optimization
Google recommends that you optimise your image file sizes to be as small as possible. This will have the effect of increasing the loading speed of your website pages, and website loading speed is an important SEO factor.

Folder optimization
Google recommends that you use a hierarchical structure when designing a website. This means that let us say your website was about a pet shop, then you could create a folder called Cats, another folder called dogs and another folder called fish. Once the folders have been created, all your webpages that relate to Cats would go into the ‘Cats’ folder, all the pages relating to dogs would go into the ‘Dogs’ folder and so on. Again, this is an important SEO factor. Customisation of your folders is included within some of our pricing plans.


you can settle for an ordinary, slow loading website that is hard to find in Google …

More Information about websites for Lawyers in Perth


Rather than quote a fixed price we listen to what you need and quote accordingly. As a rough guide prices for a brand-new website including all the bells and whistles range from around $4000 to $6000

Turnaround time

Once we have all the information from you, typically it will take around 5-10 days to produce a first draft, which is then refined following your feedback.

What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and is a process designed to increase your websites visibility within the search engine results. There are around 200 factors that affect the way your website shows up in the search engines. Some have a big effect while some have a very small effect, but together that all add up. Also, some have a positive effect while other have a negative effect. The trick is to give Google what it wants and to avoid doing things that Google does not like!

Can you train my staff?

Absolutely. I have been delivering website designs and SEO training to companies since 1996!

What experience do you have?

I created my first website in 1996 and have designed countless websites for other people over the years. I started off in the UK and moved to Australia in 2007.

Can I see samples of your work?

If you need to see some examples just give me a call on 0487 815 493 or email me, David Murray

Do you charge for an initial meeting?

No. During a free initial meeting I can gain a better understanding of your requirements and, I can demonstrate my skills to you and show you examples of my work and SEO expertise.

Can you improve my existing website?

I can completely redesign and update your website, both visually and from a search engine visibility perspective.

I use an SEO company. Can you check if they are any good?

Ye, I can audit your website and check out whether your existing SEO company are up to the job. In many cases customers are horrified by just how bad their existing SEO companies really are.

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